Hello World! Live your best life!

If you know me and my very special Lady, friend, and dear wife of 30+ years then you would know I do these fun, little World Reports on my fb page of places we travel.  You might say it’s a bit of inspiration of why this business and website exist.

What you will find here is art, history and culture from around the world found in the various unique and specialty rugs, pillows and blankets. Many items are hand-crafted, hand-loomed, made with natural dyes and fabrics, special to the artisans who craft them. Bring a piece of world history into your home or business. 

We are not another Me-too or a Big Box Retailer; we are very much like you, your neighbor and your friends. We source products that can represent the many parts and places of the world. In some small way you too can be a part of the history and places you have visited or perhaps would like to someday visit. Like you, we too are ever growing and striving to make a difference.

In time, as you come back to visit you will see added countries & places and unique items that will allow you to be a part of that special place or have a fond memory of or maybe a story to tell of your own adventures.

So feel free to login and tell your own story and if there is a rug, pillow or blanket from a place somewhere around the world that you would like to visit or have an adventure to, go ahead and tell us about it and we will our best to find it and post it here.

Best wishes,

Mr. & Mrs. Zprodx

And as always, Free Shipping!